Actor Siva Kumar and Family at Erode Vellalar Ladies College

Veteran Actor Father of Actors & narrated Epic Mahabharatham in 2 hours 15 mins at Erode Vellalar Ladies College yesterday & received a stupendous response from students.

Narrating Epic like Mahabharatham within 2 hours 15 minutes . Actor has prepared 2 years for it. Before two to three years Actor has narrated holy Purana ” Ramayanam” within 2 hours 15 minutes…

As his family missed witnessing his previous narration on Ramayana within 2 hours 15 minutes at same Vellalar Ladies college at Erode. Even though it was telecasted in Television channel their families felt that they have missed hearing it live.

This time Actor Siva Kumar’s family members Actor ; Jothika ; Actor his wife & their attended the Mahabaratham narration ceremony held at Erode. Today is Veteran Actor SivaKumar’s 75th birthday..On the occasion of Actor Siva Kumar’s 75th Birthday their family is visiting Palani Thandayudhapani Temple for Special pooja..

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