Cruise and Mcquarrie put together the dream team

Every director who has come to the “Mission: Impossible” franchise brings his own stamp. Though each starts with the same iconic lead character and ticking-clock set-up, distinctive styles and tones have made each new adventure different and unpredictable.

Adding to the platter is one of today’s most original action screenwriters with his renown for sharp, taut, suspenseful storytelling, Christopher McQuarrie who is all setto direct Tom Cruise inMission Impossible; Rougue Nation.

Releasing on August 7th 2015, this fifth edition from the action packed MI series will be distributed in India by Viacom18 Motion Pictures.

“I wanted this film to pull together the Dream Team of ‘Mission: Impossible’ and give all the members of the IMF a major role. Eachof the four movies so far has had a different team dynamic — butfor this one, I wanted to reach back into the franchise to bring back the best of them all to create a kind of supergroup of players … of course starting with Ethan Hunt, but including Jeremy Renner’s William Brandt, Simon Pegg’sBenji and VingRhames’ Luther Stickell” states McQuarrie.

He also aimed to take the series into unexplored territory. “Two things jumped out at me that we hadn’t seen before: a villain who was a real physical threat to Ethan and a strong, independent woman who would give Ethan Hunt a run for his money,” McQuarrie points out. “So those were priorities for me. I really wanted to bring in a woman in an equal role. Until now, women have played a more functional role within the IMF universe, but with Ilsa Faust, we’ve changed things up a bit.”

It is the enigmatic Ilsa Faust who alerts Ethan Hunt to the reality of a grave threat: The Syndicate, which has ramped up to become a major terrorist crime empire. At the end of “Ghost Protocol,” the existence of The Syndicate is mentioned briefly as the IMF’s next mission, but McQuarrie took that idea and ran with it in “Rogue Nation.”

Cruise decided early on about the ‘Mission’ movies was that he wanted different directors for each one. He wanted each to have its own creativelife, so while the movies always follow the continuum of the spy genre, each film has its own character and personality. Hence, in his bid to continue the series’ reputation not only for blending genres but also for innovation and visual pizzazz, he decided to bring in director Christopher McQuarrie – with whom he worked as a screenwriter on “Valkyrie” and “Edge of Tomorrow” and as a director on “Jack Reacher” — for the first time.

“Chris has an incredible mind. He’s an extraordinary writer and an extraordinary filmmaker and to see his sensibility applied to this genre is something I was excited about,” Cruise summarizes. “What Chris and I share is that both of us have that need to make every moment the best it can be.”