A tete-a-tete with
A tete-a-tete with "Gautham Karthik" on Hara Hara Mahadevaki

A tete-a-tete with “Gautham Karthik” on Hara Hara Mahadevaki

A resurgence of more energy and high-spiritedness brims up him now. Well, you would definitely feel such ambience, when he is around you. A tete-a-tete with Gautham Karthik on his upcoming release ‘Hara Hara Mahadevaki’ brings more interesting facts about the film and behind the scenes too.

A film like Hara Hara Mahadevaki hasn’t been your cup of coffee in your career so fare.

Yes, you are right. But with an introspective analysis, I did feel that proceeding with films of genres of my favourite pattern will definitely get the audiences irked up. This isn’t something about my assumptions or myth. We have come across certain actors, who had to go through same platforms and indeed stumble halfway. This isn’t their fault, but it gradually happens with everyone and they do bounce back experimenting with different and new genres.

In fact, stepping out of a comfort zone will definitely make us inherit renaissance within. Ability to rediscover your potentials happens with such attempts.

So here I am with Hara Hara Mahadevaki.

Gautham Karthik Photoshoot (2)
Gautham Karthik Photoshoot (2)

Even then, an adult comedy might have a reception of bouquets together with brickbats too right?

Having said that Hara Hara Mahadevaki is an adult comedy, it doesn’t intend to hurt anyone nor downgrade any gender.  This is about what happens when a bunch of teenagers just gather up for cheeky humour chats.

So do you think women and family audiences will have a delight with this show?

(Laughs) Women have nothing to refrain from watching this film. As far as family audiences are concerned, they can come with their friends, but not as a family.

Humour might a favourite pick of audiences. But it’s not easy to make a comedy film. In fact, a toughest task for an actor to emote humorously for things might turn adverse with audiences. Did you have any particular shot or scene that took maximum takes? 

I appear as Hari, a graduate and then a person running funeral service business. Actually, he isn’t someone humorous, but the situations he gets webbed into complications would make the audiences bark out with huge laughter.

Could you elaborate what this Hara Hara Mahadevaki title has got to do with this film? Any tribute to YouTube Swamiji?

(Gives an instant LOL) Yes you’ll find bits and pieces of YouTube Swamiji factors. But the title has nothing to do with this particular thing. I don’t mind breaking the suspense. The film is about a lodge named ‘Hara Hara Mahadevaki’, which revolves around 5 different stories and characters getting connected in this backdrop. There is Naan Kadavul Rajendran-Karunakaran, Ravi Mariah, Bala Saravanan, myself and Nikki Galrani and another emotional track all combined together here.

Gautham Karthik Photoshoot (2)
Gautham Karthik Photoshoot (2)

So many parallel stories and so many characters, it would’ve taken a pretty long time to complete the shoot.

Not at all, we just completed the shoot in a span of 36 days. I would credit all thanks to the entire league of technicians. Without their support, this would have not been possible. In fact, Nikki Galrani was yet another strong support to get us wrap the shoot faster. We wanted an artist who is fluent with Tamil as there wasn’t enough time to get someone onboard, who aren’t able to talk in Tamil. She completely works on prompting with dialogues and accomplished.

So what’s so unique about Nikki Galrani that you find in her?

She is so genuine in heart and completely joyful. We were really anxious about how it is going to deal with some blatantly bold dialogues with a girl. But she never minded to get the scenes completed in spite of being a single girl amidst many men at shoot.

Even when you’re trying to pull her legs or crack jokes on her, she would take it light and join us in laughter. When someone has just a great nature, it’s happiness outpouring everywhere they are. Such is an exemplification you find with Nikki Galrani.

What did find special about Santhosh or his narration? What actually made you choose HHM?

When Santhosh approached me for the film, he just played me the songs composed by Balamurali Balu. I was completely spellbound over his musical potentials. Being a musician, I have a cognizance approach and judge his high talents. The songs were more than enough for me to sign this project. When Santhosh was to narrate me the script, I was not even bothered as I had already decided to be a part of this film.

As he started narrating the script, I was completely indulged in excessive laughter.

Working with a big bandwagon of comedy actors should have been an unforgettable experience, isn’t?

It was so much of high level celebrations every day. In fact, if there were any delays in the shooting, it would be majorly because of actors as we kept laughing. But I have to definitely talk about Motta Rajendran sir. How could a genius and versatile person like him remain so kind in heart. He is so much dedicated and is ready to do anything that director asks him. When he is given a piece of dialogue, he would immediately start practicing with it. He never hurts anyone with his witticism and in turn, when someone cracks jokes on him, he too would laugh out like child.

I have already worked with Satish in a film and so we have a good rapport. Well, with Karunakaran and Bala Saravanan, we have already met in social gatherings and got acquainted even before Hara Hara Mahadevaki happened.