A1 Movie Review
A1 Movie Review

A1 Movie Review

Santhanam has been the one and only actor across K-Town to be consistently delivering movies set against the ‘comedy’ backdrops. The actor’s previous release ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu 2’ performed very well in the box office and this had eventually raised the bars of expectations over his today release ‘A1’. The film is written and directed by Johnson and is produced by Raj Narayanan. The movie has Tara in female lead role with MS Bhaskar, Lollu Sabha Manohar, Uma Padmanabhan and Sai Kiran playing the important roles.

When Santhanam’s proposal to marry his girlfriend Tara is opposed by her father owing to the communal differences, he vows to kill him in revenge while boozing over a night time to core. Next morning, he is blown out of waters to see that his friends have fulfilled his wish by killing Tara’s father. What unfolds next is narrated with fun and few twists in second hour.

It’s quite evident that the story is very well ideated and written and debut filmmaker Johnson deserves special mention for this. Nonetheless, there are certain drawbacks as most of the episodes are dominated by the liners from Pazhaya Joke Thangadurai of Vijay TV fame. After a certain point of time, we get slightly pushed towards the irksomeness. Somehow, the routine style of Santhanam’s performance and his trademark witty lines with perfect timing sense eclipses such drawbacks. The first half doesn’t have anything to do with the film’s premise and the actual conflict pops up only by the point of intermission. In fact, Johnson’s writing is very well established only by the second hour as it’s really difficult to package a drama keeping all characters together in the same location.

Overall, A1 is a good time pass entertainer. Of course, the drawbacks we mentioned could receive some resentment from the multiple crowds, but the single audiences are sure to get themselves with this comedy caper.

A1 Movie Review
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Verdict: Drop your brains and you’ll enjoy this time pass entertainer.

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