Ar Rahman’s 99 Songs Movie Review
Ar Rahman’s 99 Songs Movie Review

AR Rahman’s 99 Songs Movie Review

The long run quest and vision of Academy Award winner AR Rahman is finally out to the world. The 14 songs in this album had already captivated the interests of Pan-Indian audiences and gave a clear picture of what the film is going to be all about. We could feel the pursuit of a soul looking out for some redemption from its own hidden buried past. Yes, Jay (Ehan Bhatt) is refrained from pursuing music by his dad: blame the fate that had ruined his family due to musical profession. But then, destiny has some other plans for Ehan and it imposes its spell through Sophie (Edilsy Vargas), who is mute. Her father insists that Jay composes 100 songs before getting to hold her hands as spouse. This takes Jay through a unheralded-for journey, which initially tempts him to take up computerized score and later delves him into the essence of soulful music.

The first and foremost intriguing part about AR Rahman’s 99 songs is that there haven’t been any movie so far that completely dedicated its heart and soul towards showcasing ‘Music’ as the protagonist. Yes, AR Rahman’s very own compositions like Boys, Taal, Rockstar and few more have been based on musical genre, but this one gives a theatre play experience, which is a first-of-its kind experience for audiences here. Ehan Bhat and Edilsy have delivered a top-notch performances, thereby fulfilling, in other words, accomplishing the vision of AR Rahman and director Viswesh Krishnamoorthy. If you’re looking out for some elements on the flip side, there isn’t much except for the characterization of Sophie. Ranjit Barot, Manisha Koraila and others give their best of what is required of their characterizations.

Sashwat Singh Like how, Mohit Chauhan gave life to Ranbir Kapoor’s character in Rockstar, Sashwat Singh has endowed the character of Jay in heart and soul with lovely vocalisms. All the songs gain its intensity with the astounding visuals.

99 Songs Movie Review
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Verdict: A neatly written and presented film with everyone on their best.

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