Arun Vijay’s Next Reaches Completion With Unbelievable Set Work
Arun Vijay’s Next Reaches Completion With Unbelievable Set Work

Arun Vijay’s next reaches completion with unbelievable set work

The latest Arun Vijay movie to be released was ‘Mafia’. His next movie to be released will be ‘Sinam’. Director G. N. R. Kumaravel, known for his work in Ninaithale inikukum, Yuvan Yuvathi, Haridas, and Wagah etc., is directing ‘Sinam’.

Arun Vijay had acted as a Narcotic (Drug) Prevention Department officer in Mafia. In sinam, he acts as a police sub-inspector. Palak Lalvani acts as the heroine. Shabir composes the music. Gopinath is in charge of cinematography. Final stages of production are in progress. Special sets have been erected at a cost of Rs. 40 Lakhs in Chennai suburban area and the climatic scenes are being shot.

Director G N R Kumaravelan shared: ‘This scene is the most important one in the film. While discussing about shooting this particular scene, it turned out that it might be impossible to shoot directly in a public place. So, it was decided to erect a set and shoot. However, there was a hesitation whether the producer Vijayakumar will accept this as it will cost much.

However, Vijayakumar responded that cost is not important, but the scene should be picturised proper! With dedicates efforts of the Art Director Michael and his team, a set, turning out to be almost realistic, was created! The stunt director Silva has conceived this action scene in an excellent manner and shot the scene as such.

Arun Vijay’s stylish get-up and his whole-hearted dedication have taken this film to an altogether different level! Actor Kali Venkat has also performed along with Arun Vijay in this action scene. With this shooting, the production activities of this movie are complete!’