Bakrid Movie Review
Bakrid Movie Review

Bakrid Movie Review

DirectorJagadeesan Subu
Written byJagadeesan Subu
ProducerM.S. Murugaraj Mallaika
CastVikranth Santhosh
MusicD. Imman
CinematographyJagadeesan Subu
Production companyM10 Productions
Running Time121 mins

Even prior to release, the film ‘Bakrid’ had created a kind of positive and emotional connect. It’s obviously due to the title and a significant creature ‘Camel’ involved, which created a peck of curiosity. Eventually, with the film’s release, we are offered a delightful emotional journey, where director Jagadeesan conveys a beautiful message that the so-called humanity is very much inherent in animals than human. However, it’s not preached through dialogues, but neatly conveyed through the visuals and dramatic moments. When it comes to performances, each and every character has breathed an unconditional life into their roles. It takes miles of journey to attain self-realization and ‘Bakrid’ isn’t actually the destination that Vikranth has reached, but a new place from where the embarkation of new journey begins. It would be advisable if he sticks to such films that have more to do with ‘Life and Emotions’.

The story is about a young farmer, who gets a baby camel by chance and instantly gets acquainted to it and so is his family .They start rearing it as a pet along with other cattle, but nearly after a year, begins the problem. The camel starts inheriting some health issues due to the habitat factors. It’s when his friend advices him to leave the camel into its natural land of desert so that it survives for better. Rest of the film is about the journey of young farmer’s journey with Camel across different states, where he faces lots of issues.

The cinematography and BGM are nicely done and there isn’t anything to mention on the negative side. Even the performances by others in the star-cast including Vasundhara are so natural.

On the whole, Bakrid is a film that is definitely watchable for the attempt of director Jagadeesan.

Bakrid Movie Review
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Verdict: Wows you for the emotional showers and beautiful message conveyed on humanity without being preachy.

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