Chakra Movie Review
Chakra Movie Review

Chakra Movie Review

A couple of years ago, the lineups of Vishal looked promising (Thupparivalan, Irumbu Thirai, Sandakozhi 2) and couple of them earned him decent comeback status. However, with ‘Action’ turning out to be a mediocre, the hopes were banked on ‘Chakra’, which was initially titled as ‘Irumbu Thirai 2’. Be the visual promos or the quote before the title credits of this film, we are completely prepared to watch a cyber-crime thriller. But the basic problem with the script is that the respective element disappears halfway through the film, thereby getting transformed into a regular cat and mouse game with stereotypical traits.

Subash Chandra Bose (Vishal) rushes to Chennai predicting the ailing condition of his grandmother even before his ex-girlfriend-cop (Shraddha Srinath) would inform him. He doesn’t care about the robberies of jewels and money, but the Parama Veera Chakra medal of his deceased father, a military officer that is looted. He now sets out to find the criminals behind this activity, who have already robbed from 49 other houses.

The first and foremost reason why the film doesn’t work out is that we fail to connect emotionally with the premise. A father-son bonding and the latter’s affinity for military services are very much present in Irumbu Thirai, but it goes completely missing here. A couple of father-son scenes in the flashback would have escalated the impact. Secondly, with the film strongly stating that it’s going to be a cyber-crime thriller, it ends midway and rest is a Thirudan-Police potboiler fare. The twists don’t surprise us. The only shot, where everything comes perfectly to engross audience is the final shot – P.S. NOT CLIMAX – But Just Final Shot before climax.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s BGM is okay, but it’s cinematography that steals our attention. The characterizations of Shraddha Srinath and Regina Cassandra don’t make any impact.

Vishal’s beefy physique assures us now and then, he is capable of being the next ‘Action King’, but still, the choice of scripts keeps him away from clasping it.

On the whole, ‘Chakra’ when heard as a one-line story looks promising, but the presentation doesn’t create a deep impact. Except for the interval twist, there’s nothing that actually surprises and impresses audience.

Chakra Movie Review
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Verdict: Owns a good plot, but gets ruined by mediocre narration

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