Constituency Of South Chennai Starts Shining
Constituency Of South Chennai Starts Shining

Constituency of South Chennai starts Shining

After 2008 reconsideration, In South Chennai, respective MLA Constituencies Virugambakkam, T-nagar, Saidapet, Mylapore, Velachery & Shollinganallur were joined. In 2009 Election, AIADMK candidate Mr. C Rajendran won by gaining 3,08,567 votes. It’s 42.38 % of the total votes registered. In 2014 Election, AIADMK candidate Dr. Jayavardhan won by gaining 4,34,540 votes. It’s 41.34% of the total votes registered. In 1977 & 1980 elections, the elected candidate Mr. R VenkatRaman served as Central Minister, then as Vice President and then as President(1910-2009).

Now again, in this constituency, current MP Mr. Jayavardhan participates in the election with great support among people. DMK candidate Tamizhachi Thangapandiyan stands opposite him.

Does people will elect Dr.Jayavardhan who never had a bad name and has good support from people for his service beforehand or Tamizhachi Thangapandiyan who is an outsider to this constituency. We have to wait and see.

When asked regarding this to Groundwork expert, he says “Elections are hectic this time around South Chennai. For the first time around, Two big Parties face the election without their Big leaders. Dr.Jayavardhan needs no introduction in South Chennai as he has good name among peoples of south Chennai. But, DMK candidate itself needs introduction among people as no one knows her, they have to work on that. But we cant say about who will win at this time”.