Drishyam 2 Movie Review
Drishyam 2 Movie Review

Drishyam 2 Movie Review

Much prior to the film’s release, Jeethu Joseph had assured that the sequel will be worth watching as he spent nearly 5 years to complete the script. As aforementioned several times in our reviews, it’s WRITING that makes a film look more powerful. Jeethu’s Drishyam 2 evidently proves it with a decorous caliber.

The premise is same and nothing has changed in the world of George Kutty (Mohanlal). His hard work has escalated his stature, which indeed becomes the envy of his neighbours. His daughter is still bound to the nightmarish experience of the past. His wife (Meena) worries about daughter’s future and wants to get her married. George Kutty’s only ambition is to make a movie now and guess what? The cops are again on the hunt to get the truth revealed.

First and foremost, the film belongs to George Kutty. His performance is what it makes the whole film more engrossing. Precisely, the first hour has nothing much to deliver on the platform of thriller, but still, it’s his acting. He ensures audience with even his smallest mannerisms that he is about to deliver some surprising punches in the latter part. Yes, he does enthrall us. Jeethu Joseph’s writing is more engrossing loaded with surprises from point of intermission to the climax. In fact, one would never feel the gap of so many years and it’s something like watching the second part in just one or two months gap after the first installment’s release. It’s very difficult for any writer or director to maintain such an impact.

Last 45 minutes of the film is the actual story and yes, we are delivered what we expect. The performance of every artiste in the film is yet another embellishment to the tale.

Overall, Drishyam 2 stands out to be an ample evidence of how a strong writing and outstanding performance can work magic. A thriller needn’t be a genre that demands big money and grandeur, but can be served at its best with substantial narration. Jeethu Joseph blatantly proves it with Drishyam 2.

Drishyam 2 Movie Review
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Verdict: Doesn’t outperform the prequel, but is strongly recommended for brilliant performances and writing

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