Gethu Movie Review

Writter & Director : Thirukumaran
Producer : Udhayanidhi Stalin
Cast : Udhayanidhi Stalin | Amy Jackson | Sathyaraj
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography : Sukumar
Editer : Dinesh Ponraj
Production company : Red Giant Movies
Running time : 118 mins

Udhayanidhi’s breakthrough from the romantic comedy movies to thriller generation and the first movie he do without santhanam. Director Thirukumaran’s second outing after Maan karate which itself have enough expectation for the movie already.

Movie revolves around the father-son who gets trapped in a situation by the villain and the journey to find out the reason behind the series of murder forms the crus of this thriller.

Udhayanidhi trying to be seirious by changing the looks and little subtle acting which we can say does not work out well enough. Film to film he improves his dancing capability but the acting still not in par. Amy jackson, a usual heroine roll only for songs & few scenes and she disappears almost in the second half. Sathyaraj, apt for a father role who questions everything for perfection and act what is needed for the role. Karunakaran, a cop who come along with udhay as his buddy tries to crack jokes at times. Vikranth, a surprise role with stunning attitude and a neat performance.

Harris regular melodies and BGM, nothing new to offer yet thenkaatru settle in our heart quite a long though it resembles already a hit number. Theme music is powerpacked, also a kid’s peppy track while showing amy is enjoyable.

Cinematography is awesome throughout the movie and its a major plus for the movie out of all. As the movie completely shot in hill stations, visuals are eye-glittering. Whereever possible, a top angle is shot which is nice for the clear view and even the night shots are sparkling with lights. Complete credit goes to cinematographer Sukumar.

Let Down
Being as a thriller, the engaging factor is completely out and predictable on what next. Even the clues villain left and the findings through it are too old and offers a sudden laugh of which era the movie is shot as we already way through it. Placement of songs are another mess where we question why a song is needed at the moment though the song is good to hear. Sniper’s plan to kill a target from a view point where in he plan another target, the owner of that view point as he needs that location is another weak point and the sad thing is, it becomes the base for the complete movie where it interfere the lives of the lead cast.

Final words
Visual elements are top-notch and melody songs easy plus for the movie. Be it as a thriller, script writing should be strong enough to withstand though other department can slip lighter but here its vice-versa. On the whole, Gethu is not a suitable title for the movie.

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GETHU : Visually appealing weak thriller

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