Gypsy Movie Review
Gypsy Movie Review

Gypsy Movie Review

DirectorRaju Murugan
Written byRaju Murugan
ProducerAmbeth Kumar
Natasha Singh
Lal Jose
Sunny Wayne
Susheela Raman
MusicSanthosh Narayanan
Susheela Raman (2 songs)
CinematographySelvakumar S. K.
EditorRaymond Derrick Crasta
Production companyOlympia Movies
Running Time150 mins

Actor Jiiva seems to be having a greater year in 2020 as his movies are frequently getting released. Following ‘Seeru’, the actor’s new movie ‘Gypsy’, whose release was stalled owing to some censorship issues has finally got its release for this weekend. The film is directed by Raju Murugan, who has made couple of convincing and good films like ‘Cuckoo’ and ‘Joker’.

The story revolves around a Gypsy (Jiiva), who was orphaned by his birth after his parents were killed in communal violence. Raised by a vagabond like character, who earns his livelihood with his horse, which is used for all ceremonies and functions. Jiiva comes across Natasha, a Muslim girl and both of them get married and have a child indeed. However, the communal violence that breaks open in the region separates them. Will it be fate letting them alienated forever or destiny has good plans for them forms the crux of story.

Starting off with the pros and cons, the film hardly has anything to be mentioned on the fli[p side. Except for the censor oriented deleted scenes, there’s nothing much to bring upon. At the same time, this factor indeed becomes a hampering element as the intensity of the movie lacks substance due to the deleted ones. The first and foremost positive point is the musical essence and the entire film has banked itself upon it. Find more info about paving types. The dialogues are very well written and it gains our attention immediately. Very well written characters and the commendable performances of actors makes Gypsy more engrossing and all credit goes to the actors. Especially, it’s a superb comeback for Jiiva, who has exerted an impeccably colossal performance after a long time. He is always a top scorer when it comes to such roles that are socially inclined. Natasha Singh is the other show stealer her and she has delivered an outstanding performance. Everyone in the star-cast have given their best.

Musical score and beautiful visuals are the additional pillars to the film enhancing the quality.

As on whole, Gypsy if it had the inclusion of deleted scenes would have made a stronger impact. For now, it’s a decent movie that touches the most critical issue that is prevalent in few regions of our country and has tried conveying a good solution by end though it might slightly look climatic rather than realistic. However, the entire attempt is appreciable and you can for it.

Gypsy Movie Review
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Verdict: Very well written story, strong characters, beautiful music and top-notch performances makes ‘Gypsy’ a laudable flick.

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