Kaadan Movie Review

Kaadan Movie Review
Kaadan Movie Review

Kaadan Movie Review

Vishnu Vishal and Rana Daggubati do share a commonality. Irrespective of what their films’ results are, they remain to be singular and unique in its contents. Prabhu Solomon’s affinity towards stories set against the forest-nature bounded backdrops continues with Kaadan. Well, making films with elephants seems to have become his culture now and it’s next after ‘Kumki’, which offered, this filmmaker, a breakthrough in his directorial venture. As the trailer and other visual promos have already exhibited, the film revolves around a brave and upright man (Rana Daggubati), who has been living across his ancestral property inside forest and taking care of elephants. Everything goes well, until the politicians along with corporate companies together to dwindle the entire premise to raise a mammoth sized industry. Now begins the combat between Rana Daggubati and his men upon these brutally corrupted people among which Vishnu Vishal has a hidden identity.

To start off with, the film owns a colossal cinematography and it’s enriching experience to watch the vast sprawled out forest regions. On the other hand, the performance of all the actors in the star-cast is worthy of appreciations. Vishnu Vishal gets a good scope perform, but all of sudden his role meets its culmination. A few more extension would have been a perfect show for both Vishnu Vishal and the script as well. Rana Daggubati has given his best into the role. The others in the star-cast as cited above have done proper justice to their roles. Although, there are actors from different regions, they have taken more special efforts in making sure that the lip synch is perfect in dubbing. The musical score is just okay.

The first half has lots of engrossing movies and wins our attention. However, the narrative part gets slightly sluggish during the second hour and the ending seems to be more abrupt, which could have been avoided. Besides, the climax could have been somewhat different as it doesn’t deviate anywhere from the erstwhile movies of the same genre.

On the whole, Kaadan gets noticed for its brilliant performances of actors and cinematography. However, the story slightly goes down the passable graph after a certain extent. if the writing was yhet more good, the film would have made a far good impact from what it is now.

Kaadan Movie Review
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Verdict: A passable show with some flaws with top-notch cinematography and good performances as takeaways.

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