Kalathil Sandhippom Movie Review
Kalathil Sandhippom Movie Review

Kalathil Sandhippom Movie Review

Jiiva and Arulnithi have always enjoyed the fan base across family audiences and Super Good Films banner does have a good reputation of churning out neat family entertainers. Well, soon after watching ‘Kalaththil Sandhippoam’, many will come up with colloquial comments stating that it’s an ultra-boring film with TV soap shows. But, we do have something to say, “It’s far better than psycho-thrillers that fail to stick to content and instead focus on gory violence and other movies that does piggyback on star heroes rather than getting proper story. Besides, it’s far-far better than movies that owns double entendres and stalking elements.” Yes, KS doesn’t have one single scene of these qualities and it’s a decent attempt by director N. Rajasekar. It doesn’t mean that the film is going to be one among the leagues of Super Good Films’ outstanding family entertainers.

The movie does have some minuses that includes long stretched out narration, especially in second half. But what keeps the show going passable is the performance by artistes and the humour quotients. The good characterizations and natural performance is the biggest asset to this film. Jiiva and Arulnithi have nothing extraordinary to perform, but the former deserves special mention for allotting more importance for the other actor. Priya Bhavani Shankar appears only post-intermission but the love story between her and Arulnidhi is neat. Even the episodes involving Jiiva and Manjima Mohan is decently written. The other artistes are okay, but Robo Shankar and Bala Saravanan have to work a lot to upgrade their values as comedians or else, they will start irritating the audience. We are sure, some of the acts here would have already created such scenario. Musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja is disappointing and there’s nothing special to mention about the technical aspects.

On the whole, Kalaththil Sandhipoam has some flaws and drawbacks, but still doesn’t urge you to step out of theatres .Thanks to the performance of actors and some good humour.

Kalathil Sandhippom Movie Review
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Verdict: A plain story without any twists-turns, but doesn’t irk you

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