Kannamoochi Web Series Review
Kannamoochi Web Series Review

Kannamoochi Web Series Review

The trailer that was launched few days prior to this streaming gushed forth a streak of good expectations. Well, ZEE 5 has been offering the best when it comes to other regional backdrops, nonetheless, with Tamil one being an exception. So, the visual promos prompted some anticipation. Apparently, it’s a supernatural thriller that offers good Goosebumps and some commendable twists as well.

So what’s the story of Kannamoochi all about?

A single mother (Poorna) along with her daughter Aishu, who is hearing impaired occupy the apartment on sixth floor. Things turn out to be awry, when paranormal activities start occuring and scenario becomes more turbulent, when Aishu goes missing.

Bringing up the positives on first note, it’s the performance on star-cast. Poorna does her best in keeping up the show. However, in few places, we feel that her potentials could have been handled little more efficiently. On the flip side, the other characters slightly look feeble. If their characterizations were furthermore strengthened, it would have been laudable. Of course both Amzath Khan and Vivek Prasanna walk away with good performances. When it comes to technical aspects, background score is worthy of appreciations. The elements of spookiness are neatly delivered through the score. It’s same with the cinematography that needs special mention.

Getting on with the directorial and narrative part, director Avinash has tried keeping the drama packed with suspense and thrill elements. The eerie aspects click well. But the flashback scenes could have been better. Since it’s stereotypical that we have already witnessed in many films so far, it slightly fails to create an abrupt impact. What’s appreciable is 2 hour duration and even a furthermore trimming say around 100 minutes would have done a good job.

As on whole, Kannamoochi deserves special mention for the making style and if the story was yet more engaging, this would have been a sure-footed cherry pick of universal crowds.

Kannamoochi Web Series Review
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Verdict: It’s good and engaging in parts

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