Karnan Movie Review

Karnan Movie Review
Karnan Movie Review

Karnan Movie Review

Here comes yet another movie in the league of caste issue based movie and this time, a big brand star like Dhanush is a part of it. The film is written and directed by Mari Selvaraj and is produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu. Rajeesha Vijayan is playing the female lead. Santhosh Narayanan is composing music.

The story is set against the backdrops of 1997 in a small remote village in Tamil Nadu that runs out of basic amenities that an ordinary person would need. The biggest of all issues is not even a single bus halting there. On few occasions, our protagonist Karnan (Dhanush) faces the issues and after a certain extent, he gets the hell unleashing out of himself and there begins a revenge game from a police officer (Natty), who is a caste maniac.

The basic problem with Karnan is that director Mari Selvaraj hasn’t molded him enough to handle a big star like Dhanush. Although it’s an offbeat drama, the audience would expect some mass sequences, but there’s none. There are few scenes in the film that actually kindles our emotions. Say for instance, the scene involving Dhanush stopping the bus with some weird technique showcases his outstanding performance. We keep expecting few more, but unfortunately, we don’t get to see them. Rajeesha Vijayan is such an unparalleled actress in God’s own country, but she has nothing to perform. Lal’s performance is outstanding. Natty establishes himself in an out and out negative character.

Santhosh Narayanan’s musical score adds more life even to the boring scenes. Having cited the term ‘Boring’, the film gets sluggish even before the point of intermission. There’s nothing wrong in making a slow paced drama, but still, without engrossing scenes, they fail in impressing audiences. Mari Selvaraj should have worked furthermore on screenplay for a better and finest output.

Overall, Karnan fails to create the impact that one would have expected. It remains slow, directionless and vague in many places.

Karnan Movie Review
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VERDICT: A routine story that lacks the punch due to the poor screenplay

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