Kee Movie Review
Kee Movie Review

Kee Movie Review

Jiiva’s much awaited and long pending release ‘Kee’ gets a worldwide release today. Well, it’s a movie that holds lots of intriguing elements, but on the flip side, we find the delayed arrival that is almost 2 years from now back in time makes it a hackneyed experience. The coincidental instance was yet another that belonged to the same league of cyber crime titled ‘Irumbu Thirai’. Let us have a look on what works and what doesn’t work with Jiiva-Nikki Galrani starrer “Kee”.

The basic premise of the story goes with the combat between good and the bad criminal in the world of hacking. Siddarth (Jiiva) is a hacker with picture perfect life. Dotting parents (Rajendra Prasad and Suhasini Maniratnam), friends and girlfriend keep his life more occupied. But things get devastated, when the most overpowering hacker (Govind Padmasoorya) enters into the picture.

Yes, there are lots of similar instances that we can strike up between Irumbu Thirai and Kee. It’s quite unavoidable as we come across such instances of how most of the individuals are deteriorated by the interference of technological explosion. It would be a good idea, if the movie was completely banked upon the emotional context, but it goes astray in places. Maybe, the director had his vision perfect, but would have been preferably urged by some influences to add up commercial ingredients. Most of the romantic scenes between Jiiva and Nikki Galrani are totally unwanted and even the comedy sequences don’t fit in well. Yes, RJ Balaji has done a neat job and it is evident that he had already prepared to be a character artiste than being a stereotypical comedian even before couple of years. Jiiva’s performance is neat and flawless and he has been someone, who would already push the bars ahead to give a stupendous actor. Be it the smartness or the emotional expressions, he is top-notch. Not to miss the performance of Govind Padmasoorya, who is intriguingly sharp with his acting. Nikki Galrani doesn’t have much to give the best.

The background score is okay in places. If we are analyzing upon what doesn’t work, it’s the illogical quotients and loopholes. For a film based on technological backdrops, this is something that should have been precisely considered rather than penning down a mindless commercial entertainer.

Kee Movie Review
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Verdict: ‘Kee’ has its setting done well in places with emotions and thrills, but the indulgence of commercial compromises and logical factors missing make it a mediocre fare.

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