Kingsman The Golden Circle Movie Review

When there are so many spy organisation/intelligent agents to save the world from baddies, there comes a kingsman all of a sudden from nowhere and becomes an instant hit with its making, screenplay, spoofs and action blocks. Now the sequel to it already sets a high expectation with its star studded multiple cast!

Kingsman The Golden Circle Movie Review

When last kingsman sets the platform to recruit a smart spy agent to work for its organisation with numerous tasks, this time we are ready to meet a big case with lots of kingsman’s fun!

Film starts with a bigger surprise that kingsman entire network is completely destroyed by a new enemy who runs a drug company and wants the entire world to use his products! Kingsman now no other way left and head to US to join one of the spy agency called stateman. By the time they join and form a new team, baddie already becomes stronger enough and hostage the entire US by spreading a virus. Now its the crucial call to take whether to save the nation from virus by accepting the demands or trust the new team to defeat and save the world!!!

Films opens and ends with a extravaganza of chasing and action sequences but there is not really much inbetween to get the adrenaline rush going! Rather the movie introduce new characters every often and sets the scene for it to link with the main theme which becomes the hinderence for the overall length of the movie to get extend!

Kingsman The Golden Circle Movie Review

Movie also has a meaningful emotional moments, good laughs, multiple star cast, powerful action cuts altogether forms a packed performance where a kingsman movie’s least commitment for the viewers to offer!

Villain role is not that much powerful and memorable as like the first installment which disappoints the one who watched kingsman series. Also the length of the movie to contribute for the downside!

Though the movie is not in par with the previous one, it has its own good moments which manages to offer a decent entertainment to those who sets a minimum realistic expectations!

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Kingsman doesnt disappoint its fan but not quite enough!

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