Mane Number 13 Movie Review
Mane Number 13 Movie Review

Mane Number 13 Movie Review

DirectorVivy Kathiresan
Written byVivy Kathiresan
ProducerKrishna Chaitanya
CastVarsha Bollamma
Aishwarya Gowda
Praveen Prem
Chethan Gandarva
MusicA M Sah
CinematographySandeep Sadashiv
Production companySri Swarnalatha Productions
Running Time106 mins

There are couple of questions that popped in our minds after the show got over. First – Was this script written somewhere 10-15 years back? Secondly, how did the producer, technicians or actors react after listening to it? No offense, but the entire show of ‘Mane Number 13’ is completely disappointing. Yes, the film does have a bunch of commendable actors, who can be molded to give the best spell. However, they never get an opportunity to exhibit their prowess.

The precise point is that the story is nothing but an amalgamation of several horror movies released in the past couple of decades. From the Annabelle doll to the horripilating drama inside the haunted house, everything looks outdated. Well, the predictions and guesses do occur by the midway if this is really a supernatural thriller or just a trick awaits in the final minute. Naturally, we can’t break the suspense and even revealing them wouldn’t make any difference. The justification to all this drama cited by the end of drama will elevate your annoyance to an unbearable degree.

By now, the various OTT buffs would have known the plot of this film by looking into the trailer. It’s about 5 friends, who are thrown out by their house owner and have no option left but to immediately occupy a mansion, which is ‘Mane Number 13’ (House Number 13). As you know, it’s a haunted place and few upheavals occur during the night.

As with technical aspects, there’s nothing unique to cherry pick out. Be it music or cinematography, it looks too mediocre.

There are hardly couple of scenes that gives you the actual Goosebumps but that doesn’t save the film from sinking, especially the climax is totally ineffectual. With the actors like Raman, Varsha or Sanjeev, the director could have written a strong plot and screenplay, which would have yielded them good results.

Mane Number 13 Movie Review
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Verdict: Mane Number 13 doesn’t scare or entertain you anywhere.

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