Meyaadha Maan Movie Review
Meyaadha Maan Movie Review

Meyaadha Maan Movie Review

Written by: Rathna Kumar
Directed by : Rathna Kumar
Producer : Kaarthekeyen Santhanam
Cast : Vaibhav Reddy, Priya Bhavani Shankar
Music :Santhosh Narayanan, Pradeep
Editing: Shafiq Muhammed Ali
Cinematography : Vidhu Ayanna
Production company : Stone Bench Creations
Running Time : 147 mins

Vaibhav has always been comfortable with multi-starrer flicks, where he gets his portions excelled well. But then, he had never gained the right opportunity to have his best expressed in solo hero project. But with the visual promos and posters of Meyaadha Maan, we could be made confident that has a chance to prove his nuances. Let us find out if he manages to accomplish here. Debut filmmaker Rathna Kumar has already been on headlines for his short film ‘Madhu’, which has the extended version of feature film titled Meyaadha Maan.

The story centers on Idhayam Murali (Vaibhav) who has been madly in love with beautiful Madhumitha (Priya Bhavani Shankar). On the day of the latter’s engagement, when this emotionally depressed Murali decides to commit suicide, both happen to get connected on phone by his close friend (Vivek Prasanna). An unexpected introduction between them and a transition of one year from now brings them to bounce upon each other over and again.

There are some of the real praiseworthy moments in the film

There are some of the real praiseworthy moments in the film. The first 15 minutes is very well narrated and the intermission portion is so much commendable. Similarly, the last 10 minutes that involves brother-sister conversation is yet another embellishment to the emotions. The first hour has fun-oriented drama that will definitely click with family audiences. But sooner, when Priya suggests an indecent proposal to Vaibhav to win her parents approval, it slightly gains ungenerous attitude from family groups. Maybe, it could have its applause from teenagers, but that doesn’t affect the movie.

Meyaadha Maan could have been an emotionally beautiful love story

Meyaadha Maan could have been an emotionally beautiful love story. But Rathna Kumar tries to balance it well with brother-sister relationship too. Special appreciation to Induja, who plays the sister role for her superb performance and Vivek Prasanna is good as well.

Santhosh Narayanan and Pradeep Kumar offer the best musically to the film’s genre as songs too hold an important quotient here.

As on whole, Meyaadha Maan is an okay kind of entertainer, which will be a favourable pick to kill your leisure time.

Meyaadha Maan Movie Review
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Verdict: A simple love story engaging in parts.

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