Pazhaya Vannarapettai Movie Review

A thriller set against the backdrops of Old Washermenpet in North Chennai and it traces through the life of an ordinary youngster (Prajan), who has to prove the innocence of his friend, who has been zeroed in as the criminal behind a murder. It’s a Nick of Time situation, where Prajan has to team up with the egoistic yet daring cop (Richard aka Rishi) to unravel the mystery behind murder and save his friend from the fate.

Mohan G, who has spent all his life from childhood at Old Washermanpet (Pazhaya Vannarapettai) has tried to project the realistic backdrops of that area out here. When it comes to characterization, he has done a neat job over projecting all actors on his best. Prajan does what the role has demanded from him and Richard for the first time is seen in a convincing role. Although Renigunta fame Nishanth has a substantial role, he doesn’t travel throughout the tale with prominence. Ashmitha essaying the role of Prajan’s girlfriend doesn’t get more scope and so is other heroine Kajal who doesn’t get more scope.

If there are certain things highlighting is that director Mohan doesn’t try to insert unwanted elements like songs, comedy and action sequences unwontedly. The screenplay remains intact without any entertainment elements, which might be indeed a flip side for the ones who expect commercial movies. The drawbacks include first 45 minutes, where the drama has nothing to do with the main plot. Others in the cast including Karunaas, Gaana Bala, Manimaran and Dheena are okay.

Overall, Pazhaya Vannarappettai is a film that has some taut thriller moments, but if director had made the initial 30 minutes more gripping, it would have been yet more engrossing. But for now, it’s a decent attempt by entire team. 

Movie Review
  • Pazhaya Vannarapettai


A decent attempt by entire team. With some strong writing, the film would have been stronger enough.