Petromax, Gurkha, Sixer and Jiivi streamed on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been consistently endowing the viewers with back to back enthrallments with new releases. Now the list continues as the OTT platform has released the releases of last two months. This includes Tamannaah’s Petromax, Yogi Babu’s Gurkha, Vaibhav’s Sixer and critically acclaimed edge-seated thriller ‘Jiivi’.

Petromax is a horror-comedy that is about 4 good for nothing individuals staying inside a house to prove others that the house is not haunted. But there are already 4 ghosts inside, who don’t want any dwellers there.

Gurkha is about a security staff and a Labrador saving bunch of people, who are locked inside as hostages by group of terrorists.

Vaibhav’s Sixer is about a man with evening blindness and how he manages to win the heart of a girl without revealing the secret forms the crux of story.

Jiivi is a fantasy thriller that is laced with lots of twist and turns.