Ratsasan Movie Review
Ratsasan Movie Review

Ratsasan Movie Review

ProducerG. Dilli Babu
R. Sridhar
CastVishnu Vishal
Amala Paul
CinematographyP.V. Sankar
EditorSan Lokesh
Production companyAxess Film Factory
Running Time170 mins
Release Date5th October 2018


Last time, when we saw a detective kind of thriller was Mysskin’s Thupparivalan that had an unconventional yet engrossing one. After a long hiatus, filmmaker Ramkumar attempts with a similar genre, where it involves psycho killer and a cop sets out to unravel the mystery. Vishnu Vishal plays Arun, a reluctant and uninterested cop, who is forced by situations to take up the job. His 12 years of intense research for his script and directorial dreams fail down. Reluctantly, as he begins his job, there’s a mysterious series of murders happening in the Chennai city, which gets him more involved to trace out the killer. The reason being is already researched work on psycho killers across the world.

Ratchasan Movie Review
Ratchasan Movie Review

Director Ramkumar has exerted a pretty decent writing into the script, which holds a much prominent value. There are lots of moments in the film, which are praiseworthy. They intensely impact you with huge excitement. But there are few minuses in the plot, where we get to see that the screenplay is too much stretched out. In the name of attracting audiences with the commercial values, some of the first half moments look unwanted to the major premise. In fact, the drama involving the school students and how the school teacher is involved doesn’t help anywhere to the story. Moreover, it creates a kind of resentment for its harshness. But in the post-intermission part, we get to see real gripping moments. The number of murders could have been slightly reduced for it turns out to be heavy. But the twists that are unleashed through the flashbacks and the entire episodes towards climax is worth watchable.

When it comes to performance, everyone has done a remarkable job. Although, some of the characters don’t make a good value to the film, they have their performances done well. Vishnu Vishal’s cognizant choices over unique scripts are commendable. We wish to see him simultaneously in offbeat and commercial movies often. Amala Paul has done a great work with her performance and the actual showstopper is Munishkanth.

Ghibran’s musical score helps a lot to the film’s visual impact and so is the cinematography.

On the whole, Ratsasan happens to be a decent attempt from Ramkumar, but with few more modifications of reducing the duration, it would have been a neat one.

Ratsasan Movie Review
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Verdict: Definitely a different attempt, which could have been trimmed a bit for an unparalleled experience

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