RUM gearing up for the final schedule

A Mark of stupendous impact has been spreading out with a greater spell from the moment RUM film went on floors. Directed by debutant Sai Bharath and produced by All In pictures Vijaya Raghavendra, Rum movie is gearing up for its final Schedule of the shoot. From day one, Rum film has various interesting factors such as Sanchita Shetty’s first ever Car Chase, Anirudh’s Hola Amigo song, Grammy Winner DJ Diplo’s warm praising tweet about Rum’s song, altogether made Rum to be sustained in the top of headlines. Following those ambitious efforts, the team Rum has now erected a huge Wooden bungalow in Ambattur region.

“According to our story, a huge Bungalow plays a vital role in the film. Though our entire team has searched for the appropriate house, we are unable to find one that suits for our film. Hence, our production house All In pictures has erected a huge Wooden bungalow set in a newly built studio in Ambattur. The architecture of the house has been created in such a way to give the spooky feel. Narain and Miya in their packed shooting schedule in other languages have completed their portion by working day and night. We are almost nearing our final schedule” says Sai Bharath, the Director of the film Rum and a trained visual effects person. It is highly appreciated that notables from the industry have visited the sets and lauded for this act of immensity.

While Hrishikesh of VIP fame plays the lead, Anjathe Narain, Vivek, Sanchita Shetty, Miya, Amzath, Arjun Chidambaram are playing the pivotal roles in the film Rum. The film is electrified by Rockstar Anirudh’s music. It is to be highly expected that the heist-horror film Rum would be a new experience, far removed from the other horror thrillers and horror comedies ruling Tamil cinema now.