Sulthan Movie Review

Sulthan Movie Review
Sulthan Movie Review

Sulthan Movie Review

Director Bhagyaraj Kannan’s debut film ‘Remo’ was a feel good romantic entertainer and his second outing ‘Sulthan’ starring Karthi and Rashmika Mandanna in lead roles. The film is produced by Dream Warrior Pictures.

When Sulthan (Karthi) discovers that his family comprising henchmen, roughnecks and killers are at the gunpoint of police department, he decides to mend their ways and take them to a village, where his deceased father (Napoleon) has ordered them to carry out a mission of vengeance. However, after reaching there, Sulthan decided to take things in his own hands and at the same time wants those 100 assassin brothers to restart their lives peacefully. Will the fate allow them?

In the recent times, one thing that has become very much mandatory in Tamil cinema is depicting ‘Corporate Companies’ as villain. The reason why such movies (Except for big names like Vijay) isn’t working out because, they don’t hold substantiality. Even the big star movies work out magic only for the sake of star values. The recent release Bhoomi starring Jayam Ravi had similar issues and now Karthi’s Sulthan. Henceforth, the story of Sulthan turns out to be a predictable and stereotypical one. On the other hand, what makes it intriguing is the fun element. The episodes involving Sulthan & Co is filled with humour and engrossing moments. The emotional connection among them works out very well. The second highlighting trait is the action blocks. They are very well choreographed. Cinematography with brownish (Sepia maybe) turns out to be a drawback as we aren’t able to enjoy the greeneries of the lands (Main backdrop is agriculture). Editing is mediocre, especially when it comes to the track of Lal, who seems to be married to a lady, but not shown properly, but suddenly we see her weeping like a spouse.

When it comes to star-cast, it is very much evident that the makers have been keen on drawing crowds from all states. A North Indian corporate villain, A Kannada sub-villain, heroine from Karnataka with good market in Telugu industry and a fabulous Malayalam actor like Lal to play an important role. End of the day, it’s about Lal, who has given a commendable performance.

Karthi has a charismatic appeal that he evidently enjoys in both Telugu and Tamil industry, but it would be better if he can improvise in dance sequence. Or else, he can boldly avoid dance. He has ability to draw our attention even without these stuffs (Ex – Kaithi, Naan Mahaan Alla, etc). Rashmika Mandanna is just okay. Hope someone here gives her a laudable role as in Geetha Govindham.

Overall, Sulthan sticks to the commercial genre (Especially Telugu flavor) and it will work out for the audiences, who love that genre.

Sulthan Movie Review
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Verdict: Stereotypical and predictable, but still engrossing

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