Tamizhselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum Movie Review

Written & Direction : Premsai
Producer : Gautham Menon | Reshma Ghatala | Venkat Somasundaram
Cast : Jai | Yami Gautam | Santhanam
Music : Karthik
Cinematography : Sathya Ponmar
Editor : Praveen Antony
Production company : Photon Kathaas
Running Time : 113 mins

Debut director premsai enters kollywood with a never touched concept of stemcells and has given an action thriller will all masala elements. As the same movie’s telugu version “Courier Boy Kalyan” has not done well in tollywood, he has done some tweaks here and there and present it in a crisped manner.

Complete movie revolving around a courier delivery. A courier which has some crucial secrets wanted by the villain gang and it unfortunately comes to the hero’s hand to deliver. What is in the courier and the secret? Whether the courier delivered to the recipient forms the crux of the story.

Initial portions of the movie test your patience a lot and movie slowly picks up only after jai get into the courier. His trademark innocent expressions follows here too but post interval, as the movie has full of chase sequences, he has done a neat job. Santhanam usual oneliners are boredom and few of them are pretty well. Yami guptam track no way related to the plot and her over-make up not much impressive, otherwise done with her role neatly.

Movie running time is a major plus and editing department has done a very good job in showcasing the needed sequences in a short manner. Cat and mouse chase scene post interval engage us well at parts especially when the courier transforms from hand to hand but overall screenplay fails to create the impact and travels straight till end.

Music by karthik is well done and the songs are good enough though they are speed breakers for the racy plot. BGM also pretty decent enough.

Movie has some new concept of misusing stem cells technology and they could have given some more detailing on it. Though the movie has lot of scope for suspense and turns, this one falls flat and you can easily guess what next to happen.

When common man gets a situation to involve in a mystery, dialogue should be strong enough to emote well and should give a strong message and in that aspect movie just tried to do it without success.

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Verdict : Courier delivered successfully but slightly damaged and delayed!

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