Thaen Movie Review

Thaen Movie Review
Thaen Movie Review

Thaen Movie Review

While many across the Tamil speaking domains often get astounded by movies from other regional industries, especially Kerala, our industry does come up with promising content-driven tales now and then. Such is the recent release ‘Thaen’. The film gives more like revisiting the beautiful lands of Merku Thodarchi Malai, Thenmerku Paruva Kaatru, Kumki and few more of this genre. Thaen is yet another embellishment that comes with a mix of beautiful nature, lovely emotions and of course, seasoned with melancholies.

Tarun Kumar is seen essaying the role of a honey collector across the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu. He comes across a beautiful girl (Abarnathi), while delivering honey in the neighboring village for the sake of her father’s health treatment. Both of them fall in love eventually, but aren’t supported by the village people due to some disbelief when Tarun fails to succeed in rituality. However, they get hitched and become parents of a beautiful baby. Everything is hale and happy until Abarnathi falls ill due to severe stomachache. Tarun with all his mighty efforts tries to ameliorate her health conditions, but faces lots of issues. Will he be able to save his beloved wife or not forms the crux of this story?

The film starts with a premise setting followed by which a beautiful love story is blended. However, it slightly gets into a documentary mode by the latter part. Eventually, it does give an emotional package by the end. The performances by every artiste in the movie is extremely appreciable. Cinematography by Sukumar is one of the major intriguing elements in the movie. The projection of issues that many are facing today and it has been realistically depicted by filmmaker Ganesh Vinayakan in this movie.

On the whole, ‘Thaen’ deserves a special mention for giving best visuals amalgamated with emotional drama and an issues of contemporary times. More than all, it’s stellar performances that keeps the show going engagingly.

Thaen Movie Review
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Verdict: Realistic and Hard-Hitting

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