Direction & Writer : Atlee
Producer : Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Cast : Vijay | Samantha | Amy Jackson
Music : GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : George C. Williams
Editor : Anthony L. Ruben
Production company : V Creations
Running Time : 158 mins

Revenge story of a cop who lives hiding his identity with his kid, after losing his wife. Flashback shows who is behind his wife’s death and what is the relation between hero and that politician. Film tries to show the importance of raising our children well and making them a responsible person to the nation. Theme is inspired from the true events happened in our country.

Ilayathalapathy Vijay as adorable father Joseph Kuruvilla, A terrific cop Vijay Kumar and undercover Dharmeswar. He rocks In the 3 get ups. Vijay looks young, fit and trim.He looks perfect in the Khaki dress. Action scenes are tailor made for Vijay. Joseph Kuruvilla character’s costumes are classy. Dance choreographers should come up with some new and interesting steps to a dancer like vijay.

Cute Nainika is the show stealer of the movie, what a wonderful performance. You don’t even move your eyes away from her when she presents in the frame. Fantastic work in dubbing also. Way to go for this kid. Samantha has performed well, kudos for the dubbing as well. Her romantic scenes with Vijay are lovable. Amy Jackson’s performance – she has done her part with no complaints.

Motta Rajendiran’s character travels along with vijay throughout the movie, all the comedy scenes came out really well. Legendary director Mahendiran as antagonist, his screen presence is impressive but role is not so powerful.Radhika as Vijay’s mom and Prabhu as superior police officer, both are apt choice. Another notable actor is the one who plays the rape victim’s father.His performance was outstanding.

Music is composed by G V Prakash, a milestone in his career with this 50th film. All the songs are already chartbusters. He killed with the BGM, great work. ‘Eena mean teeka..’ , ‘chellakutty’, ‘En jeevan…’ songs are choreographed well. ‘Jithu jilladi..’ song choreography is disappointing. End credit roles with ‘Raangu Raangu..’ song. Theri theme is bombastic. George C Williams cinematography is superb, Kerala portions and action blocks are highlights. Stunt choreography needs special mention.

Directed by ‘Raja Rani’ Atlee. Story is just a plain revenge drama which we have seen in n number of tamil films. But the main plot has been inspired from true story which happened in chennai and Delhi recently. Screenplay is predictable and little draggy at times. Dialogues are good. First half is good with mass scenes, comedy, emotions, sentiments and actions.Second half revenge portions treatment could have been better.

Highlights of the films are – A lengthy single take malayalam dialogue delivery by Vijay, Nainika’s performance, Vijay – Naikina chemistry, Rain fight and Road fight, Class room rowdy treatment, Interval block, GVP’s music, Motta Rajendiran;s Comedy scenes and cinematography. Overall its a perfect commercial entertainer for this festival season. Theri Baby!!!!

Theri Movie Review
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Theri – A cop revenge drama!

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