Top 5 Kannada Movies of the Year 2016

Gushing up with newfangled ideas and themes, Kannada Cinema in 2016 has surprised everyone breaking the language barriers and boundaries. Here are these 5 movies that performed well not alone in Karnataka, but across many parts in India and overseas, not alone gaining the good pages of critics, but spanned decent profits in box office as well.

P.S : List is not in the order of 1 to 5, all movies deserves the top place.

5. Thithi:

With the megaphone wielded by Ram Reddy, this movie made news before its released by being selected at the Locarno Film Festival. A movie set in a village in southern Karnataka, it has the story of the death of an old man followed by the juggling of his property. The film has a cast who are drawn from the the same village where the movie is shot. It gives a realistic view of the death rituals and the culture.

4. Godhi Banna sadharana Mykattu:

Debutante Hemanth Rao directorial film had lead role played by Ananth Nag, it explores the life of a man suffering from Schizophrenia and lost. With brilliant music by Charan Raj, the movie won the hearts of family audience.

3. Karagoorina Gayyaaligalu:

The film is based on a novel by Poornachandra Tejasvi and is all about the rowdy women of a village who take things to their control and fight the problems of alcoholism and casteism in their village. Apart from being a classic and offbeat film, it managed to gain decent collections in box office as well.

2. Rama Rama Re:

A movie by new-comers that deals with the life of a death row prisoner. The jeep in the movie plays an important role. This indeed is regarded as one of the best experimental movies made a low budget and yet managed to gain global spotlights.

1. U turn:

Directed by Pawan Kumar of Lucia fame, the story revolves around a flyover and the similar pattern deaths by accident. The film was a sensational hit beyond the boundaries of Karnataka and was highly appreciated by many across the film industries.