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URU Movie Review

URU Movie Review Writer & Director : Vicky Anand Producer : V.P. Viji Cast : Kalaiyarasan, Dhanshika Music : Johan Shevanesh Cinematography : Prasanna S Kumar Editor : SanLokesh Production company : Vaiyam Medias Running Time : 150 mins Debut filmmaker Vicky Anand...

Uru Movie Trailer

Uru Movie Trailer Watch the official Uru Movie Trailer. Uru is written and directed by Vicky Anand featuring Kalaiarasan, Sai Dhanshika, Mime Gopi, Danial Anne Pope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-HBH8gWmQQ

Uru – A horror movie without ghost

Uru – A horror movie without ghost Quite a rarity that before few years, we happened to come across a not much hit but a...

Uru Movie Stills

Uru Movie Stills Check out the Uru Movie Stills. ‘URU” produced by V.P.Viji for Vaiyam medias, with Kalaiyarasan and Dhansika in lead roles, movie also has Mime...

Uru – A supernatural thriller without ghost

Uru - A supernatural thriller without ghost After Kabali, Kalaiarasan and Dhansika have joined hands once again for a thriller film titled Uru. A famous...

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