Trip Movie Review
Trip Movie Review

Trip Movie Review

The genre of ‘Cannibalism’ is something, very well celebrated in Hollywood and International film industries. It’s almost a closest one to the psychological thriller or horror. When director Dennis Manjunath during the press meet stated that he is going for a unique attempt of blending this with humour elements, it created a curiosity among the genre buffs and in fact, instilled some doubts as well. So what’s the deal with ‘Trip’ that features Yogi Babu, Karunakaran, Sunaina, Praveen and an ensemble star-cast.

Having said that the film is based on ‘Cannibalism’, one could easily predict the story and the setting. Yeah! You can’t expect it to happen amidst cosmopolitan cities like Chennai or Mumbai. Blatantly, it’s ‘Wrong Turn’ concept (The Mother of all Cannibalism based movies). A group of friends take a trip across deep forests and eventually get killed one by one in a mysterious way.

Sunainaa has greased her elbow to a greater extent, but we believe, the missy has the potential to get lots of challenging roles, which she can deliver it efficiently. Hope, the filmmakers and writers bank their trust on her. Karunakaran and Yogi Babu attempt to eclipse even the dull moments with their witty lines and it works out in many places. As concerned with others in the cast, it is evident that all of them have strained a lot, but then, this is a movie that will not earn any credits for the artistes. So what about the technical part , except for cinematography and BGM , rest are just okay.

Dennis Manjunath has a plot that will eventually work out among both rural and urban audiences, but he fails to nail it down efficiently with his screenwriting.

Trip Movie Review
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Verdict: A story that could have worked better results, but sticks to mediocrity

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