Trisha Illana Nayanthara Movie Review

Written & Direction : Adhik Ravichandran
Production : C. J. Jayakumar
Cast : G. V. Prakash Kumar | Anandhi | Manisha Yadav | Simran | VTV Ganesh
Music : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : Richard M. Nathan
Editing : Anthony L. Ruben
Art director : Umesh J Kumar
Production company : Cameo Films India
Distribution : Studio Green
Release date : 17 September 2015
Run Time : 131 mins

Trailer and Censor certificate clearly warns what type of movie is this and there is no meaning to criticize the adult content rather if you take it as a fun journal then it will satisfy you fair enough. Story is as simple and catchy as the title where a young virgin boy in search of a true love and come across girls one after the other after being left each one in his journey.

GV’s second venture, comparatively improved a lot more and danced well for song sequence too yet expression and few gestures needs to be improved. Ananthi on the other hand, a homely next door girl look and not have much scope to perform where Manisha Yadav to fill glamour role. Other cast VTV ganesh, Simran has minimal roles and done their part with ease.

GV’s BGM and kuthu type songs suit well for the theme where the songs come as a bit then and there except 2 full songs. Though the movie is at normal length, it seems it last for long and fun moments throughout make you forget that.

Initial portions with the children are cute and the moments happen between them are casual enough which looks natural. Once they grown up, there comes the dialogues and moments which are completely in favour of the censor certificate in a direct manner everywhere possible which then attracts youngsters to a large extent. Title of the movie comes in the middle at the breakup point and the design is eye catching. Sengal psyhco and david pulla are laugh riots.

The film also says more on women who drinks liquor is out of culture and young men can do the same which is portrayed as an acceptable one for the most..Strictly for youngsters alone on the whole and entertainment guaranteed if you are par with this kind of journal

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TIN – Entertainment strictly for Adults

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