Vellai Pookal Movie Review
Vellai Pookal Movie Review

Vellai Pookal Movie Review

There’s something special about actor Vivekh out here in ‘Vellai Pookal’. It’s been a long attempt on his part to shine as a protagonist and most of the times, it failed. However, ‘Vellai Pookal’ turns to be an impressive one and yes, Vivekh outshines here in lead role that is blended with realistic and serious shades. Filmmaker Vivek Elangovan seems to be smug-bitten by detective tales of Hollywood for his longer stay in Seattle. Nothing wrong and his writing too is impressive. The basic idea of casting Vivekh in lead itself needs a special attention. It extends with the choice of having Pooja Devariya, Charlie, etc as well.

The plot is set against Seattle, where a retired police Rudran (Vivekh) from Chennai is flying down to Seattle. It’s not an official trip, but to shoot the breeze and have good time with his son Ajay (Dev). It’s not a routine or stereotypical projection of what we see as Times Square or the emblazoned lights of skyscrapers at nights. With his acquaintance to Tamil speaking Bharathi (Charlie) in the neighbourhood, things are back to normalcy for Rudran as they have lots to share and discuss. Nevertheless, things break lose out of hell, when a kidnapping happens.

Director has given an exact projection of what the place is for its silence and neighbors, who scarcely even look and smile upon each other. Sooner, Rudran becomes a reflections of those retired aged parents or even the youngsters, who initially feel the silence to be a barrier and later find happiness meeting someone back from their homeland. The interactions between Charlie and Vivekh are neatly done. It’s pretty decent. Vivekh flourishes well in lead role and after a long time, we see Charlie in a substantial role. Pooja Devariya gives a worthy performance, but her role could have been yet more substantial. The running length of 2hrs 10 minutes is an appropriate duration for a thriller, but what should have involved lots of brainy moments over cracking a mystery turns out to be slightly dulled up due to lots of conversations. If the director had given some attention to these factors, it would have a real tensing thriller. The other characters don’t find such substantial depiction as lead characters.

Overall, ‘Vellai Pookal’ has its own setting and gives an impressive feel in many places. It’s definitely worth watching for the ones, who look up for thriller flicks with decent presentation.

Vellai Pookal Movie Review
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Verdict: Decent attempt for its presentation and making it a decent watching experience for audiences.

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