Visaranai Movie Review


Visaranai Movie Review

Written & Direction : Vetrimaaran
Producer : Dhanush | Vetrimaaran
Based on Novel : Lock Up by M. Chandra Kumar
Cast : Dinesh | Anandhi | Aadukalam Murugadoss | Samuthirakani
Music : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : S. Rama Lingam
Editing : Kishore Te.
Production company : Wunderbar Films | Grass Root Film Company
Distribution : Lyca Productions
Running Time : 117 minutes

Vetrimaran’s 3rd directorial venture and this time with a thriller where it has been premiered at international screens before it is released in india. Half of the movie is inspired from the novel Lock-up and the director has added some tweaks to it to make it as a less than 2 hours cinematic experience.

We usually get used to the slogan about police in movies as “The police is your Friend” where as this movie shows there is another dark side too and it has been shown as such in a realistic disturbing way without compromising anything.

Movie revolves around four innocent friends who were tortured by the police officials for no reason to make them victim for a case influenced by the high profile people. How they get out from that case and how it follows in rest of their life is Visaranai.

Movie also showcase boldly on how innocent voice-less poor peoples are being used by the police and how politics are played inside the department.

As it is the dark side of the police force, violent scenes are predominantly more where complete first half is on how the victims are handled by them in a rugged way to make them come to their control. Each and every beats are hard, painful, real where light hearted people sometimes need to close their eyes.

Dinesh and Aadukalam Murugadoss are top in their performance where their expressions speaks itself. Showing the fear and innocent are like perks for Dinesh from Cuckoo time and he did just like that. Even the four friends innocence and the acting make us to feel pity for them. Samuthirakani as usual excel in performance and his rigid face fits for the police role. Kishore and Anandhi did their small role decent enough.

As there is no songs, first of all a welcome approach and adding to that, GV’s BGM, easily one of the best in his career where thrill moments towards the ending are lifted by his scintillating background score.

Movie takes one route of showing mistreat of police and traverse upto the middle where post interval it takes slightly different route of how influenced people cleverly use politics and try to escape from the grit, visit the end, thrill moments glue you to the edge of the seat.

Though there is no much commercial elements in the movie, it has its own way of engaging the audience and sure its a eye opener for all on how our system is running and how we are all used to them, also in one way or another we are tend to adopt to it by convincing ourself that its the normal but the truth is other way around. A must watch movie in spite of its very raw and intense approach!

Visaranai Movie Review
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#Visaranai – A trenchant mark of fictional reality

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