Karoline Kamakshi Web Series Review

Karoline Kamakshi Web Series Review
Karoline Kamakshi Web Series Review

Karoline Kamakshi Web Series Review

Written byKumaran
Giorgia Andriani,
Y.Gee Mahendra
MusicSide by Side
Production companyZEE5 Original
Running Time132 mins

The first episode starts more like a phase of introducing all the characters. From the polite yet sharp Kamakshi (Meenakshi), who reminiscences of many those onscreen and real life mommies, who are often labeled as good-for-nothing preachy ones to the sultry Karoline (Georgia) and the notorious roughneck Furkin, who has stolen the most costliest monument of ‘Virgin Mary’ from France. Initially, we find that some of the characters look stereotypical, but they gain their substantiality as the episodes progress. But one person, who keeps up her best performance is Meena. Well, there needn’t be any words to analyze her performance as she is always out there with stellar performance.

Well, there are certain pros and cons about the series and that’s something unavoidable right. Yes, the goofy gestures of Meena by the initial moments might get her depicted as a slapstick character. But it is to prepare the viewers with two contrastive roles – one being funny and another one Tomboyish Karoline. The second episode does have some inappropriate ones for kids and that’s pretty ok as it’s a show for 18+ viewers.

As the story progresses, there are some considerably good moments too.

The earnest thing that viewers should be prepared before watching ‘Karoline Kamakshi’ is not to compare them with the Top-notch Internationally epical Netflix and Amazon Prime Video series and Of course, not with the other regional ones on Zee 5. This is completely made in accordance to the tastes of regional audiences, especially for the one out there in sub-urban and rural areas.

This kind of web series would actually find much more escalations, when it comes with some best writing in dialogues. We don’t mean to say that this is a mediocre one, but someone who can give the best on par to Late Writer Crazy Mohan would have added more enhancements.

For now, the 10-episode Karoline Kamakshi is a worth watchable one. Just forget those Riverdale, You and Breaking Bad from your memories and remember, we are in Tamil territory and it’s okay to have some web series like KK.

Verdict: A Decent Attempt with Meena’s nuance performances