Adithya Varma Movie Review

Adithya Varma Movie Review
Adithya Varma Movie Review
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Adithya Varma Movie Review

Written byGireesaaya
ProducerMukesh Mehta
CastDhruv Vikram
Banita Sandhu
CinematographyRavi K. Chandran
EditorVivek Harshan
Production companyE4 Entertainment
Running Time168 mins

Having offered an experience of watching the blockbuster original version ‘Arjun Reddy’ and later followed by a successful Hindi remake ‘Kabir Singh’, it was really a bigger challenge to go for ‘Aditya Varma’. Obviously, things aren’t going to be different for the ones, who have already watched couple of versions. Filmmaker Gireesaaya, who wielded megaphone for the original version helming the remake version and the trailers offering a Déjà vu experience had indeed made the things little doubtful. Well, this is for the ones, who have watched the film and for the rest, it was about the sultry sneak peek about a guy and girl sharing how many times they have made out. However, what’s a bigger a surprise is that Dhruv Vikram-Banita starrer ‘Aditya Varma’ is that we aren’t reminded any of these versions while watching.

Dhruv plays a house surgeon, whose career stumbles down after the girl he loved soulfully is forced into marriage with another man owing to the caste-laden family pressures. Is that end of their unconditional and intensive relationship?

What’s the biggest scoring point for Aditya Varma is about Gireesaaya reworking on some of the aspects. It is perfectly evident that he has corrected the flaws from original version, which majorly includes the ambiguity we found in the characterization of Preeti. Over here, it’s a neatly derived version, where he come across a girl with perfect clarity, who earnestly desires for Aditya from the time she meets him. Dhruv’s performance is literally amazing and there’s nowhere you find the traces of him being a first timer. The other characters have been genuinely depicted through proper casting. This includes Leela Samson, who gives away a neat flawless performance as Dhruv’s grandma.

On the whole, Aditya Varma remains fresh in its experience even for the ones, who have watched the original version multiple times. The major reason behind such an attraction is the emotional premise and the strong characters.

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Adithya Varma Movie Review
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Verdict: It’s worth a watch! You can’t stop falling in love with these adamantly emotional couple.

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