Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah Movie Review

Cast – Jai, Nazriya, Pandiarajan, Mayilsamy,Heebah Patel, Deekshitha Manikkam and Jamal

Music – M.Ghibran

Cinematographer – Loganathan

Editing – Kasi Vishwanath

Direction – Aneesh

Run time – 2hrs 10 mins

Release date – July 24 2014

Nice title and brilliant logo design.Movie is only for songs!! After a long delay movie finally reached the screens from one of the best producer Oscar.Jai decent performance, he gets the same role as he did in most films. Nazriya’s official debut film, she looks a bit fat and lack style, but good acting. Heebah patel, pandiarajan are ok. Many small characters are also there, the one stays in mind is that muslim father with Nasser’s voice.

Real hero of the film is Ghibran, soulful music with mesmerizing songs. ’Chillendra..’, ‘enthara…’, ’kannukul’ songs are superb.Songs picturization is not great though. Choreography for kannukul song is nice.Cinematography is good in parts. Worst editing.Climax fight is unwanted addition.

Director Aneesh, Very good plot but immature scripting and screenplay. Story is new, but scenes are outdated.Could have done much much better. The way he showed the muslim rituals arer awesome in the 2nd half. kudos for doing a neat balance between brahmin and islam religions. First half is ok, 2nd half is poor. Final outcome doesnt make you happy.

Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah – “Outdated marriage”

Our rating–> 2/5