Mersal Music Review

Mersal Music Review

Mersal Music Review

Mersal had couple of single tracks – Aalaporaan Tamizhan and Neethanae released before few days. With the mass audiences curiously awaiting the whole album, it all comes well packaged for a mega launch. The film stars Vijay in three different avatars with Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal and Nithya Menen in female lead roles. AR Rahman’s musical score has already electrified the globe with the enchanting numbers.

Aalaporaan Tamizhan
Singers: Kailash Kher, Sathya Prakash, A.V. Pooja
Lyrics: Vivek

A complete mass number that is laced with folk genre and it’s been a long time we got to hear such music from A.R Rahman. Over the past few years, he has been striding with the new age music, where he didn’t have the right genre of movie to comeback with folk. A complete enthrallment to the listeners as the overpowering orchestral, particularly during the interludes leaves us awestruck. Getting on with the vocalisms, Sathya Prakash, Kailash Kher and Pooja just add the best emblazonments. It is definitely going to be the massive appeal for the season

Song Name: Neethanae
Singers: AR Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics: Vivek

It happens usually that most of the melodies or even songs of any genre from A.R Rahman would take some time to brew up. But with Mersal, things are proving to be different. The first single track Aalaporaan Thamizhan made an immediate impact as a Chartbuster. But when it comes to a melody, the listeners will take some time to get settled. In contrast, what we get to see that the track ‘Neethanae’ impresses us vividly by the first time we hear it.

This is like falling in love at first sight. A perfect melody that will just soothe your senses, especially if you’re in love or even not. It’s a song that through dream land and if Hollywood could borrow this number for the fantasy dreams of ‘Cinderella’, it could be much more proficient.

Why not? Play it for the montages of Titanic and this will go very well adherent. Such is the universal theme of love adorned through the musical and lyrical components. AR Rahman has emphasized more clarity on voices with instrumentals taking its course of realms by the interludes.

Shreya Ghoshal voice is too familiar for us and in some places, we are knocked on doors with the traces of ‘Pudhu Malaiyai’ from Malayalam movie Charlie, where her portions shift between minor and major scales.

Overall, the song is simply tranquillising to the senses and will be regarded as one of the sweetest melodies of A.R Rahman.

Singers: Sid Sriram and Shweta Mohan
Lyrics: Vivek

For the first couple of times or even more times, this song might sound like an alien. But without your attention it just sweeps into your minds and the minutest works of AR Rahman’s fill-ins start working out. The tune and musical genre is something new and the way these singers – Sid Sriram and Shweta Mohan have handled it with more dedication. It happens most of the times that certain songs composed by AR Rahman really pushes singers into a complex challenge mode and here they have accomplished with it greatly. The musical components are going to offer a real new experience for music lovers, especially if you’re listening on a top-notch surround system.

Mersal Arasan
Singers: Naresh Iyer, Vishwa Prasadh, G.V. Prakash Kumar, Sharanya Srinivas
Lyrics: Vivek

When was the last time, you heard a ‘Thara Local’ scent from AR Rahman. He has carved up a niche of western and classical fragrance over the years. Perhaps, it would have been for Prabhu Deva, for whom he would just drop down heavy percussions for performances. Now it’s all happening for Vijay now with the song ‘Mersal Arasan’. With GV Prakash and other singers not having the clarity of lyrics for the heavy beats by the initial moments, later we get to grasp them well. Mark our words! Theatres will turn heavy with unbeatable dance, applause and whistles for this number.

Overall Analysis:

Just four songs from AR Rahman is really a surprise, but then it lets us envisage how substantial the screenplay would be that couple of songs in first and second half each would be engrossing. Maybe, the makers can release a theme music later in time. As on whole, four tracks with four different genres is a real big and different treat from A.R.Rahman for his fans. With Vijay to take care of top-notch dance, one need not worry about the results.

Mersal Music Review
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Verdict: A mix of mass, folk, ultra-voguish pop and melodies from ARR

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