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When Kollywood horror movie heroes didn’t have parents?

The season of horror genres are brimming up the theatres incessantly. Well, most of the horror based movies travel strongly on the lines of...

‘Puriyaadha Puthir’ is ‘Pizza 2’ in Telugu

'Puriyaadha Puthir' is 'Pizza 2' in Telugu Films with strong content and racy script will always wins the heart of Audience by breaking the linguistic...

Pizza 2 : Villa USA showtimes

Written and directed by Deepan Chakravarthy stars Ashok Selvan and Sanchita Shetty in lead. Music is composed by Santhosh Narayanan who had earlier composed the...

Abi and Abi Pictures snaps Villa rights

Remember that moment when you were left wondering what happened to the hero after the thrilling anti climax in Pizza? Well for the answers...

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