South Chennai turns Star Constituency

South Chennai Turns Star Constituency
South Chennai Turns Star Constituency
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South Chennai is already considered as a Star Constituency because it has AIADMK candidate Dr.JayaVardhan & DMK candidate Tamizhachi Thangapandiyan. Dr.JayaVardhan is a star candidate, he is the youngest MP of India with a huge support among his people. He is the son of Minister Jayakumar which is an added support. Thamizhachi Thangapandiyan on the other hand, with the support of DMK, is new to groundwork. Her support is that she comes from DMK family and the party is in full support of her. She is also a noted writer.

As Dr.JayaVardhan is already a sitting MP, people knew his services to them and they feel a good vibe in his Election campaigns. On the other hand, Tamizhachi Thangapandiyan’s Election campaign focusses on DMK’s Star candidates. Udhayanithi Stalin’s campaign has created a little controversy but hasn’t ended on any positive note.

Dr.JayaVardhan’s welfare schemes has always been welcomed by people. For Pallikaranai Marshland issue which was a long pending one, He declared 1,300 crores and the works has started, is cherished and received with applause among South Chennai people. He attached CCTC cameras in all Railway Stations which is useful and help find many crimes. His campaigns are fully crowded and is also so simple that all people could reach him. Whereas Tamizhachi Thangapandiyan is like a star celebritiy candidate and people find it hard to reach her.

Before Election date was announced, it seemed like AIADMK had lost its touch and because of talks like BJP will join ADMK, there is no way ADMK will win this time around. But once the date was announced, ADMK’s election strategy and Dr.JeyaVardhan’s Previous schemes and his respect among people has become a plus for ADMK. Things started to change around for good to AIADMK. Dr.JayaVardhan is people’s favourite right now, and Tamizhachi Thangapandiyan is struggling even for her Introduction among people. This is the position now in TN. However, people will decide who will win during voting.

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