Antony Trailer

Antony Trailer
Antony Trailer

Antony Trailer

Presenting The Official Trailer of “Antony”; An upcoming Tamil Musical Emotional Thriller (#MET) Film; Starring Lal, Nishanth & Vaishali; Music Composed by R. Sivatmikha.

The film “Antony” is India’s first claustrophobic suspense thriller, directed by debut director Kuttii Kumar.

#Antony Casts & Crew

Casts : Lal, Nishanth, Vaishali, Rekha, Raja, Sambathram, Cheran Raj
Director : Kuttii Kumar
Cinematography : R. Balaji
Music Director : R.Sivatmikha
Art Director : Suraj
Poster Design : Manikandan (Gettin Dream Studio)
Co-Producer : Christopher
Executive Producer : Vito Vivek
Production Company : Antony Productions