10 unknown Interesting facts about Ajith Kumar

10 Unknown Facts About Thala
10 Unknown Facts About Thala

Nothing much bigger than it could be for an Ajith Kumar fan than celebrating his birthday. Although his movie release dates are considered to be a huge massive celebration, May 1 always becomes a much important occasion for them. In fact, the many Taurians feel blessed because of his noblest and greatest accomplishments. As the Jubilations are already on, we bring you 10 interesting fact about Ajith Kumar that many might have not known about.

1. Everyone knows that Ajith Kumar has a greater fascination towards racing from his childhood, but least many do know that he was a voracious cricket player during his schooldays.

2. Many think that Ajith Kumar discontinued his academic education after 10th STD, but he continued to pursue education through private institution.

3. When Ajith Kumar was 18 yrs, he joined as a supervisor at Ranka Garments.

4. Off the late, he ventured in textile business out of interest.

5. As days passed by in his textile venture, he got an opportunity to appear as a model for Dhothi brand through an advertisement agency.

6. For the first day of shooting of Amaravathi, he travelled all the way from Chennai to Ooty through bike.

7. Although he was a newcomer without any family or friend support in the industry, Ajith Kumar would strongly believe from his debut film “I am a star within myself…”

8. When a discussion pertaining to a project is happening, Ajith Kumar makes sure that producers don’t spend their time and energy to meet him at his place. But instead, he is keen about the thing that meeting should happen at producers’ home or office or their own preference.

9. When a director is narrating a script or scene to Ajith Kumar, he insists them to narrate towards the senior actors rather than him. It is a sign of respect and gratitude he carries for the senior actors.

10. Ajith Kumar never prefers to doze off during the leisure times, but instead keeps himself occupied with painting, photography, cooking et al.