3 Instances where Oviya proved ‘Winner’ and Bharani failed

3 Instances where Oviya proved ‘Winner’ and Bharani failed
3 Instances where Oviya proved ‘Winner’ and Bharani failed

3 Instances where proved ‘Winner’ and Bharani failed

Apart from Trolls, Memes, Sensations and Resentments – has been proving to be a life learning experience for many viewers. It is yielding lots of management lessons and how to handle relationships too. In this short analysis, we bring you just 3 instances where proved to be a clear winner and Bharani failed to achieve it. The reason behind comparing these two contestants is because they had the tremendous voting from Tamilians all over the world in spite of the entire house mates posing threat against them.

3. Mental Stability and Patience:

In whatever journey or challenge is involved, it requires lots of mental stability and patience to withstand the turmoil and turbulence. Be it a flight journey or simple bicycle ride, it has its own unexpected shocks and twists, but the one with mental stability to withhold them would obviously seek the betterment. Over here, Oviya had maintained these two aspects completely to core, nevertheless Bharani failed and gave up. Time changes everything – The ones who offended Oviya before couple of weeks have become their prettiest friends now. What if Bharani would have remained patient? He could have enjoyed the benefits.

2. Introspection:

When someone finds fault in you, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on them or just be arrogant. But make sure that you go against all the odds, talk to them and settle with an effective conversation and seek advices. Although, Oviya was not giving upon her inherent nature, she spoke out things from her heart and as she asked upon others what has to be reformed in her. Finally, you see the results of Patch-up and ‘Sorry’ to Oviya from her offenders.

1. Surrender to win:

Many times, there happens to be a myth that surrendering is synonymous to losing. But it’s the ultimate key to success. To survive, one has to surrender first and it happened with Oviya, where the clouds were cleared. But then with Bharani, he remained cold-hearted, although he was innocent and good hearted.