Gopi Sunder lets listeners sublimely imbibed with Thozha

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The beauty of soulful music is endowing the listeners with immaculate joy. Of all the greatest music composed, the ones that break language barriers letting the listeners sublimely imbibed becomes special. Gifted with such a beautiful quality, spread out the musical breeze of Arabian seas from God’s own country towards his neighbouring territories.

Acclaimed as the most celebrated music director from Malayalam industry, his musical scores in different genres have proved to be a top list in playlist beyond Kerala. What makes so special is his ability to impress the music lovers in accordance to the regional tastes. (It was so much evident with his folk based album ‘Anjala’, which had feet-tapping numbers of rural style).

His recent release ‘’ has precisely become the most-loved choice of town for it adequately impresses the listeners with a mix of genres. It’s a rarity to see musical album packaged with Blues, Rock and fast-beat Kuthu numbers and with ‘’ possessing them, it has instantly hit the bull’s eye.

Especially, the song ‘’ crooned by Anirudh and Haricharan has conquered the hearts as it celebrates the anthem of friendship. Additionally, Gopi Sunder’s ability of roping in the proficient and young league of singers -Karthik, Haricharan, Anirudh, Geetha, Vijay Prakash, Suchithra et al.

Nagarjuna-Tamannaah- starrer ‘Thozha’, as the title precisely denotes would be a tale of friendship that blooms between contrastive personalities – A socially disabled slumdog and a physically disabled millionaire. The film is directed by Vamsi and is produced by with a grand worldwide release scheduled on March 25.

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