Sonam Kapoor agrees to being a feminist

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agrees to being a

? is the fashionsita of Bollywood and she doesn’t shy away from that tag. Being her happy, bubbly self, she revealed some interesting facts about her?self like how her parents don’t approve of some boyfriends she has had and how her favourite read is Bhagwat Gita with YouTuber Hanee Chavan.

?Sonam Kapoor who is known to always have a foot in the mouth moment expresses herself on the show saying that in this country, even speaking your mind is illegal! She also admits that has never said anything to hurt ?anyone and for her there is nothing called as “brutally honest” as honesty is the kindest thing you can do to someone.

She goes on to explain how Gita talks about Dharma and Adharma and thats what she truly follows in her life, thus Bhagwat Gita being her favourite book to read. She agrees to being a but also says that being a does not mean you cant dress pretty!

Sonam reminisces her teenage days and how she faced body shaming. She urges teenagers to take care of their body and be healthy! She also admits that she has stopped drinking.

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