5 Spectacular Sensational Highlights Of Vishwaroopam 2

5 spectacular sensational highlights of Vishwaroopam 2

5 spectacular sensational highlights of Vishwaroopam 2

One of the greatest magnum opuses of Tamil cinema – Vishwaroopam 2 is all set to open worldwide bigger on August 10. With a much bigger spell of promotions from Kamal Haasan and his team, we at Studio Flicks bring you 5 spectacular sensational highlights of Vishwaroopam 2.

Underwater Stunt Sequence

Undoubtedly, this is going to be one of the stunning highlights in the film, where the audiences will be enthralled to watch real life underwater sequence. For the ones, who saw the special screening of this particular sequence is already in awe of such an outstanding effort from Kamal Haasan and Pooja Kumar.

Unlimited action with breathtaking stunts

Of course, you would have witnessed all this by yourself while viewing the film’s visual promos. Kamal Haasan has indulged in an incessant series of stunt sequences without preferring dupes. Don’t say that the sequences were shot before three years. Nope! Even after his leg injury, the actor has managed to shoot for such risky action sequences.

More love and emotional connect

As Kamal Haasan and Pooja Kumar have openly said, the film will have lots of prominence for the romance and emotional connect between the lead actors. In the first part, both the characters had hidden something from each other. One was trying to run away and another one was holding a strong secret. In this second installment, there will be more importance for the love and understanding emphasized upon this couple.

Raciness with nick of time thriller mode

The first part had a certain time frame within which the hero had to accomplish his mission. In this second part, it is going to be much more racier as a particular mission of hunting the antagonist, who happens to be a serious threat to India has to be bumped off along with his team… So, the screenplay will have a much bigger stress on raciness with gripping narration to keep us all edge-seated.

Who is Wisam Khan? Will his mission continue for Vishwaroopam 3?

Who knows before couple of decades when ‘Indian Thatha’ told that he would come back when the situation turns harsh. Perhaps, the current scenario is that Kamal Haasan is bidding adieu to his cinematic career after Indian 2. But will there be an open ending to Vishwaroopam 2 climax with a source for third part…. Hold yourselves with curiousness and unveil it all by yourself.