Goundamani is still younger

The interest films and film actors invoke among the masses has been recorded earlier and each news was bettering the previous one. It has been always the lead heroes or the pretty heroines who attract the on lookers, this opinion changed drastically when a bus which was forcing towards Orathanadu suddenly stopped in it’s wheels when the bus crew spotted the ever green Goundamani on the fields !!!

He was playing a farmer making even the crops laugh over his timely comments and witty dialogues for the film 49 O. Has he turned a farmer the bus crew and the passengers asked each other but before they could realize what was happening the witty Gounder was there just a arm away from them. He took every one of hem by surprise pulling their legs!!!!

The roar of laughter ripped through the darkness and the crowd left the place commenting ‘Goundarukku vayasaanaalum lollum kuraiyala, counterum kuraiyala.’