No love for Nayan, only investigations. Over the past couple of years, Nayantara has been trying to reinvent her own potentials is getting the best and unique roles to the kitty. While her movies like ‘Maya’ and ‘Nee Enge En Anbe’, had some love interest or spouses to be paired up, her upcoming film ‘Dora’ would be a stark exception as the actress will not have any pair. It is a murder mystery investigation based film and the entire film revolve around Nayantara, where she is succumbed between victimized situations and Harish Utthaman for the first ever time gets a positive role to appear with.

Yes, he will be investigating the murder mystery and Bengaluru based stylish actor Sulile Kumar would be appearing as the baddie. Major portions of this movie are shot across the backdrops of ECR, OMR, Tidal Park and many parts of the city. Apart from this star-cast, a car would be having a crucial role to perform in this film.