Mellisai nearing completion

Vijay Sethupathi has got a penchant for scripts that has scope for versatility and uniqueness. Mellisai is one of those rarest gems Vijay sethupathi had spotted in Ranjith Jayakodi, former associate of Director Ram. Ranjith makes his debut as a director in Mellisai.

The young director speaks on his maiden project “Mellisai is the story of the modernized urban life. We are not sure how many of us observe the Urban world, but we need to realize the fact that we are being observed by the urban life. This urban life has got the eyes of an eagle. We all lead interesting and entertaining life i agree, but are we living in peace and safety. This is the fulcrum of the movie”

The title Mellisai means melody. Melodies are something which inspires us to hear the same in repeated terms. Further more, all the principle characters of this film are one way or other related to the music, and hence Mellisai. This film has offered scope to Music and an unique pattern of story telling. Debutant Music director Sam C.S is scoring the music. Dinesh Krishnan is the Director of Photography for Mellisai. The first call i made to, after Vijay Sethupathi allotted me bulk dates after listening to the script in random was to Dinesh Krishnan only. He gave me the assurance, and subsequently the speedy work. The professionalism he displayed during the shooting days was amazing. It looks as if only now i had narrated the script to Vijay sethupathy, and now we are on the verge of completing the movie.

Vijay Sethupathi has got an amazing gifted talent. He remembers the script as best as the writer does, and it is evident in the improvisations from frame to frame. Gayathri is paired opposite him. Her performance in this film will give you no other alternative suggestion to this character she had played. My producers Deepan Boopathy and Rethesh Velu of Rebel studios leaves no stone upturned to make this commercial entertainer a “Mass hit”.