Rajinikanth to go back from Start Point of ‘2.0’

Rajinikanth to go back from Start Point of ‘2.0’. Superstar Rajinikanth’s long holiday in USA had created several buzzes and conspiracies amongst which, most of them have been proven wrong. The actor was spotted hale and healthy on his arrival at Chennai airport and it seems that he made a firm decision of staying out from the city until the release of Kabali. With the film spinning huge profits, the actor made his way back home with a much rejuvenated looks.

According to the sources, the new schedule of 2.0 directed by Shankar will commence at the same backdrops of EVP Amusement Park, where the shooting of this film had started. The art department has erected a huge number of backdrops in this studio, where everything like hospital, multi-storey buildings and even a set up like ECR have been erected there. Already 50% of the shooting has been done and rest would be wrapped up by end of this year followed by a long phase of post-production works, which involves motion capture technology too .